Weight Loss and Personal Training Testimonial

I have led a fairly busy lifestyle for the past three years. Between working full time and going to school on the weekends to complete my graduate degree, I developed very poor eating habits and regular exercise had little room in my impacted schedule. During this time, I gained a lot of extra weight, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, elevated total cholesterol, and elevated CRP (C-reactive protein: an indicator of potential heart disease). Once I completed school, I needed to work on my next challenge of losing the excess weight and developing a plan to correct my health issues.

I was introduced to Dr. Minet Sepulveda, a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness in Redwood City. Once she established my baseline measurements, she immediately got me working out hard. I can’t say that the workout experience was enjoyable, because I would leave each session in a great amount of pain. But I understood that this experience was not going to be easy or pain free. She was very supportive throughout each session and clearly explained to me what we were working on and what we were trying to achieve. Our discussion on how to manage my diet through the use of the Dotfit system was one of the most valuable components of her sessions. The combination of logging my daily food intake and activity measurements was so helpful in observing the steps I was taking towards my goals.

I was working hard through each session and after one month we observed that the weight loss was not happening as fast as both of us were expecting. But I was not discouraged and with the support of Dr. Sepulveda, we worked harder. Within six months, I had lost 15 pounds. I had my 8 month check up with my physician and he was extremely pleased that I lost the extra weight, my blood pressure was lower, my total cholesterol decreased by over 50 points (well within the normal range), and my CRP was back in the normal range as well. My doctor attributed the improvement in my blood tests to the increased level of exercise and improved diet.

I recently completed through a 7-day detox, that Dr. Sepulveda had discussed with a group of clients on a Saturday afternoon. Although it was also difficult for me to get through the week eating the suggested food on the menu (generally vegetables that are raw or lightly cooked), I did notice a drop of approximately 3 pounds. I also became keenly aware of how I can incorporate better food into my diet in the future.

Dr. Sepulveda’s training sessions have successfully combined a whole body workout in one hour with a sensible nutrition curriculum that most people can adopt as a healthy lifestyle. I have a goal of losing an additional 15 pounds, maintain this weight loss and continue with a healthier lifestyle for years to come. I look forward to working with Dr. Sepulveda in the coming months towards this goal.

Belmont Chiropractor

Dr Minet is really passionate about what she does

Its obvious because she took the time and did a thorough exam on me, all the while educating me on good healthy spinal care. i came in with plantar fasciitis and while i was in a tremendous amount of pain, she was able to give me instant relief. and as i came back for regular treatments my foot pain diminished tremendously and she also fitted me with orthotics as well. I really feel like she is not only a skilled practioner, but because she also is a personal trainer and a professional body builder, its clear that her passion and knowledge shine through into her practice as a chiropractic physician.

For me when i am interested in seeing someone who is an expert in their field, i like to also evaluate them in the way they present themselves and if they walk their talk! Dr Minet is a true professional!

Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

Belmont Chiropractor
Dr. Gabrielle L.

Dr Minet is a life saver

I'm a horse trainer with multiple injures. When I went to first see Minet I was a mess. I had neck injuries and migraine headaches and alot of other issues. She put me back together. I had know quality of life. Thx to her and the amazing work and dedication. I have my life back. If you feel like I did please let her help you. She will change your life.

Belmont Chiropractor
Missy F.


Before meeting Minet, I had seen several chiropractors, nutritionist, and physical therapist all over the Bay Area to treat me for car accidents and athletic injuries. I've been with her for about 3 months now, and I've seen more improvements in my spinal and physical health with her than I had in the past 6 years with all the other doctors combined!!.

Her in-depth of knowledge and expertise of the human body is absolutely astounding, and an asset to the medical community. I feel like I owe my life to her, and in my opinion, you're not serious about you long term health unless Minet is your doctor!

Belmont Chiropractor
Marisol S.

She really is as good as it gets!

Dr. Sepulveda is a holistic chiropractor who is whipping me into the best shape of my life . . . and I literally mean SHAPE. Based on X-Rays and a few other diagnostics, Dr. Sepulveda devised a treatment plan consisting of a series of pre-scheduled adjustments, at-home and in-office exercises, and in-office traction. (I'm dealing with serious alignment problems caused by a car accident I had decades ago; the neck injury was never properly treated, and I've had chronic shoulder and back pain ever since.)

Since beginning treatment, I feel much younger. My husband says I look younger too. I agree. I see it mostly in my face: I look more relaxed. I am also more flexible and more energetic. I sleep more soundly. My shoulders don't ache. I could go on. It's truly astounding how proper spinal alignment helps the body heal itself.

And, I must add that there are also transformations that appeal to my vanity: The exercises Dr. Sepulveda gave me to strengthen my back have whittled my waist and my tummy. Yea!! The changes to the curvature of my upper back have improved the look of my shoulders. I love showing them off now. And the changes to the curvature my lower back allow me to do more squats with better form than I could before -- this is great news for my booty!

Since working with Dr. Sepulveda, I recommend holistic chiropractic care to everyone I know. But if you live in the Bay Area, then go to Infinite Body Health!! The office is located inside a Dance Studio building. The atmosphere is casual, yet still professional. Parking is a breeze. Dr. Sepulveda will treat your subluxations, teach you how to nourish your body with food and exercise, provide stress management techniques, and more./p>

Belmont Chiropractor
Crisi B.

I think I would have to describe Dr. Minet as a walking Health Encyclopedia

Yet that is by far only one of her many wondeful atributes. She is passionate about helping her patients as well as the community through Chiropractic Care and Education. I have learned so much about how my body works and the importance of a healthy spine due to its immediate conection with our nervous system. Believe me it really matters!!

When I first began to see Dr. Minet I had problems sleeping and it was really affecting my energy levels and hate to say but also my mood. As soon as she started adjusting me, I slept like a baby and still do to this date. Oh and another perk... I began to lose weight! Just like that! I am so happy to have met Dr. Minet, its the best thing I have done for my body in a long time and I feel wondeful. I know that anyone who goes to her office will come out with positive results; it is very welcoming and relaxed. You dont even feel like you are at a Doctors office, I love that. I would recommend her to anyone!

Belmont Chiropractor
Raquel V.

You just don't find many people like this.

Dr. Sepulveda changed my life, or at least changed the body I live in. At fifty I had been suffering from progressively worse back pain, and yet in two months of chiropractic adjustments, and of corrective exercise to prevent recurrence, I could walk and stand much better and understood far better how to move.

Dr. Sepulveda has a magical mixture of talents: able to listen and sense and see your body's foibles better than you can feel them, yet able to stand firm and not let you make excuses; able to correct a neuromuscular glitch, yet determined to teach you to how to avoid them. A great doctor and an awesome trainer: she'll fix your glutes and kick you ass.

Oh yeah, and former world-level weightlifter, and a fitness model with such a killer body she has to cover it up.

Belmont Chiropractor
Bill S.

Ok. let me start by saying that this woman is magical

I'm not kidding. Let me give you the 2368354781264 reasons why she is the one you want to see if you're having ANY kind of issues with your body.

  • Want to get into shape? She's a personal trainer, and a darn good one at that.

  • Want to get into shape but you have aches, stabs of pain, sprains, pre-existing injuries? She's a licensed chiropractor, so not only will she whip you into shape, but makes sure you're doing things that are right for you and your aches/pains. Not only that, but she'll FIX your aches and pains so that they DON'T come back!!

  • Just need a chiropractic adjustment? Physical therapy to strengthen a weak area? Yep, she pretty much knows everything about the way the human body works.

My personal experience (as a pretty serious athlete) with most chiropractors is that they are knowledgable, but not athletes themselves. It is a VERY cool thing to have your chiropractor understand exactly what is going on with your injury.. and then, not only fix it for you, but then help you strengthen it after!!

Whether you are a serious athlete, or your average joe in need of some body work.. you seriously need to book an appointment with Dr. Minet Sepulveda

By the way, she currently works out of the Crunch Fitness in Redwood City, but you don't need a membership to see her there. Give her a call. Seriously.

Belmont Chiropractor
Jeni E.

Since Seeing Dr. Sepulveda I feel 80% Better!

I first met Dr. Sepulveda at an “Alliance for Lupus Research" event last fall of 2006.

She and her Associates where there sponsoring the event and helped us stretch after walking about 2 miles. Dr. Sepulveda did a preliminary examination on me and started to be concerned, so I decided to continue see her. Before she started her treatment on me, I was having constant terrible back and neck pains. It was so bad to a point where I had a hard time sleeping at night.

Now, that I have continued to see Dr. Sepulveda I’m feeling 80% better, I can sleep better at night and I don’t wake up with any pains in my back and neck anymore. As of now I know that I am not 100% ok yet but since I’ve been getting treatment from her for about two months now, I feel a big difference. I have also talked about other problems and she is giving me treatment on those areas as well. Now, I am noticing a difference, which is a very good sign.

What I like the best in Dr. Sepulveda is her sincerity and how she educates you about your problem. This has educated me as why I am having pains and it has giving me the opportunity to become more aware of preventing these problems from occurring again.

I am so happy to met Dr. Sepulveda and I’m very thankful for what she has done. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family to my doctor chiropractor due to the successful progress that I am experiencing.

Belmont Chiropractor
Jane Cantor

I have regained my youthful energy

I didn’t know anything about Holistic Medicine before meeting Dr. Sepulveda. Now, I have been under treatment for only 2 and half months, but already feel that my health has improved. Twice I have come down with a fairly severe cold, but each time the worst symptoms were gone after just about one day!

Another benefit is the disappearance of a chronic stiff neck that I used to frequently on walking for years. Now, I am gradually increasing my range of motion in my shoulder and knees and I feel my posture is changing. I am able to do Yoga again, regaining my youthful energy and learning more about Holistic Medicine.

Belmont Chiropractor
Sarah Young

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