Testimonial: Dr Minet is really passionate about what she does!

Its obvious because she took the time and did a thorough exam on me, all the while educating me on good healthy spinal care. I came in with plantar fasciitis and while i was in a tremendous amount of pain, she was able to give me instant relief. As i came back for regular treatments my foot pain diminished tremendously and she also fitted me with orthotics as well. I really feel like she is not only a skilled practitioner, but because she also is a personal trainer and a professional body builder, its clear that her passion and knowledge shine through into her practice as a chiropractic physician.

For me when I am interested in seeing someone who is an expert in their field, I like to also evaluate them in the way they present themselves and if they walk their talk! Dr Minet is a true professional!

Thank you for everything that you have done for me.
— Dr Gabrielle L.