12-Week Fitness Program

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12-Week Fitness Program


12-Week Fitness Program

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This is an individually customized program designed to get the athlete competitively ready in 12 weeks. This program is for future or current competitors who are looking to compete in an upcoming fitness show.

The Program will include supplementation plan along with a nutrition plan that gives the right combinations of nutrients to improve workout loads and optimal recovery. Designed to work with the athlete’s lifestyle and may vary and adjust more or less every week depending on the individual’s progress. We personally follow up with your progress via phone, email, text message, and in person appointments. Progress photographs will be submitted weekly if working remotely.

Program includes:

  • Weight Training Program - progressive resistance training, building lean body muscle on your body, emphasis on weak muscles, increase muscle hypertrophy in areas that need more muscle size and development, or leaning and lengthening of tight and overworked muscles

  • Stretching exercises and Yoga possess- be included to improve flexibility and hypertonic musculature to improve lifting and stage presence

  • Nutritional Plan - Eat a variety of whole foods that will keep you feeling full without starving yourself and diminishing the cravings for junk food. You’ll enjoy to choose meals freely and prepare your meal plans that will keep you eating healthy while re-boosting your metabolism, creating more muscle while burning fat. Learn how to find what works for you and stop yo-yo dieting. Create good eating habits that will stay with you as a lifestyle

  • Cardio Schedule - know when to engage in cardiovascular activities and when to stop. Learn which techniques are better for your body and when is time to do less or more. Which type of cardio is best suited for your goals. Balance your aerobic and anaerobic capabilities while getting to your fitness goals without doing long hours of cardio every week

  • Supplement Plan - We will put a plan together for you emphasizing on your health and goals. Your weekly plan will generally emphasis in including basic essential macro nutrients such as: good source multi-vitamin, health issues, gut health, different kind of protein source, simple or complex carbohydrate sources, good fats, essential fatty acids, recovery type of assistance from adaptogens, antioxidants, BCAA’s, Beta- Alanine, Citrulline to name a few. We will adapt your supplementation plan depending on your consistency, goals and budget

  • Posing - A posing plan will be included for figure and bikini competitors.