The Mindset to Achieve Weight Loss and Self Sabotaging Behaviors

The Mindset to Achieve Weight Loss and Self-Sabotaging Behaviors. 

This is a very broad topic. We will discuss basic key habits that will allow you to stay healthy. 

Is being overweight the new normal? 

How addiction to sweets, salt, and fat hijacks the brain reward system and rewires  the brain for overeating. 1

How do food cravings sabotage diet plans? 

Now a days, It's more difficult to stay on a healthy eating regimen.  However, you also may be unknowingly sabotaging your weight loss program.

Arriving at a healthy place is the result of practice which takes time, effort and consistency. 

Sticking to good habits is the key to maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

Be mindful to not abandon the very process that has helped get you there.  Remember, to account for what good things you did to get you to your ideal health and weight.  Write it all down. 

Examples of what we do to get to our health and fitness goals.

Logging you meals, counting macros, 

using a pedometer, using technology to help you understand your body metabolism, HRV, sleep among others. Physical activity, walking or others to improve your ardiovascular activity, resistance training, body weight exercises, following a design program, weight training, reading nutritional labels, going to bed at earlier time, getting enough sleep,  stretching after workouts, going to your favorite yoga class, meditating, creating structure, having a coach, taking supplements to improve any nutritional deficiencies, having clear  boundaries, prioritizing yourself, consulting, acquiring new knowledge, the list goes on..

As a chiropractor it's very common for my patients to loose weight while they are getting adjusted regularly without even trying!

In a nutshell, you can stay healthy and improve your physique no matter how old you are. 

 My Recommendations:
1.  Eat Whole Foods- concentrate on having more veggies and less processed foods. 

2.  Keep moving- stay active and walk more. 

3.  Stay hydrated hourly.

4.  Avoid medication, over the counter drugs, stimulants, sedatives and any other chemical exposure.

5.  Get your sleep every night and avoid blue light 2 hours before bed time if possible.

6) Focus on proper posture and ergonomics- get your spine check- go to a chiropractor and check your spine for subluxations that diminish the energy transmitted in between your brain and systems in your body and increase poor posture. 

7) Practice mindfulness by keeping your body and mind flexible and in the present moment.

Losing Weight:

Let's say you get close to your goal of losing 5-10 lbs and you experience a variation. That is ok,  don't get discouraged- remember that it's a daily process to maintain good health habits.

I was catching up with a friend that has been losing weight over a period of time. 

I personally helped her get healthier, stronger, and leaner. 

One day while walking on the tread-mill before her sessions started, she confessed to me that one day she at the supermarket people there were looking at her because she

was wearing clothing that fit her body shape better.

She realized that she wasn't invisible like before. She was getting attention and it made her feel uncomfortable. 

Soon after that she started eating more frequently due to her discomfort with looking good and being noticed. 

During our discussion, I helped her realized she was eating to stay with older self-image and mental state that she is used to because it's what her brain was used to doing.

She did admit she actually wants to break this pattern of self sabotage.

 Be mindful of these situations in your own life, because it helps you realize that changing your physical state requires a mental shift, 

this shift helps your perspective to see your self differently and also act differently. 

Check your mindset on these steps to mindful eating and behaviors.  Ask yourself these questions:

1) How do I feel now- grateful and healthy most of the time?

Or unhealthy, sad, overwhelmed in your health and fitness arena?

2) Do I tend to practice emotional overeating? 

3) How are people perceiving me now?

4) Do you notice that you are easily distracted from your healthy program? 

Once you get distracted do you fall into the unhealthy patterns or make excuses? 

 5) What are your targets for maintaining a good weight loss regimen that lasts?

Are these targets or goals really attainable? 

Even I get sidetracked sometimes from my healthy lifestyle practices! 

I can think about at least a dozen of things that would distract me from my healthy target. I understand, it happens. 

However, after years of practice and working with thousands of patients, I know that being kind to yourself seems harder than it actually is.

These are my current non- negotiable practices weekly. Make your own and stick to them. 

It can be going to the gym, more walking, cardiovascular exercise, eating healthy meals prepared at home, getting chiropractic adjustments for well being, working on my energy and vibration, plugging my food for the day, prayer, meditation, reading research and books, focus  on proper ergonomics for my spine.

Believing that you can be fit and that you deserve to look good and feel good is the key to staying mentally fit (B)

. Being kind to yourself and following the regimen leads to self care and self love. Loving yourself is key (C).

A practice I commit to is looking in the mirror and saying “I love you, you are lovable and you are worth it.” This helps me remember the healing path I am on. For mindfulness practice check(F)

Dr. Minet(A)

 through the years, has found that her true passion lies in helping people of all ages, sizes and abilities increase their muscle mass, endurance, flexibility, balance and sense of well-being.  She enjoys coaching, educating people about health, wellness and helping them overcome their body challenges. 


Other resources available that I recommend are : The Fearless Mind, Dr. Craig Manning,

The healing power of sleep, Mary O'Brien MD, Sugar, Salt and Fat Gina Willet PHD.