Using chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise we empower people every day.

Get to the root of the problem; look at the causes instead of the symptoms. 

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Chiropractic assists your body's ability to adapt to stress. Chiropractors work to detect and remove spinal subluxations and allow for better communication across all systems within the body. Our chiropractic methods compliment's the body's natural ability to heal itself.

We offer dynamic training programs based upon thorough assessments, client physical status, lifestyle and temperament. Our holistic approach is informed by cutting-edge research in functional rehabilitation, sports medicine, strength and conditioning.

We recommend healthy food choices for those who desire to enhance and improve optimal health. We will help you set goals, provide guidance and support on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

C L I E N T   L O V E

I didn’t know anything about Holistic Medicine before meeting Dr. Sepulveda. Now, I have been under treatment for only 2 and half months, but already feel that my health has improved. Twice I have come down with a fairly severe cold, but each time the worst symptoms were gone after just about one day!

- Sarah

I'm a horse trainer with multiple injuries. When I went to first see Minet I was a mess. I had neck injuries and migraine headaches and a lot of other issues. She put me back together. I had no quality of life. Thx to her and the amazing work and dedication. I have my life back. If you feel like I did please let her help you. She will change your life.

- Missy

Dr. Sepulveda changed my life, or at least changed the body I live in. At fifty I had been suffering from progressively worse back pain, and yet in two months of chiropractic adjustments, and of corrective exercise to prevent recurrence, I could walk and stand much better and understood far better how to move.

Dr. Sepulveda has a magical mixture of talents: able to listen and sense and see your body's foibles better than you can feel them, yet able to stand firm and not let you make excuses; able to correct a neuromuscular glitch yet determined to teach you to how to avoid them. A great doctor and an awesome trainer: she'll fix your glutes and kick your ass.

- Bill